Cap Rail - Corner - Oak - Lacquered - Glass Edge Protection

Lacquered Oak - 90 Corner Cap Rail for Frameless Glass Balustrade

Cap Rail - 90 Corner - Oak - Lacquered - Glass Balustrade

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Glass Thickness
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
18.5mm Corner Cap Rail 18.5 9 5 16.76 - 17.52 20.6340.118.43 £22.68
22.5mm Corner Cap Rail 22.5 9 5 20.76 - 21.52 20.6340.122.43 £22.98

Key Features:

Oak - Lacquered Oak with a lacquered finish.
To fit Mono and Laminated Glass To fit mono and laminated glass.
Double-Sided Adhesive Required Double-sided adhesive required for installation.

Cap Rail - Glass Edge Protection

Oak 90 corner cap rail with a lacquered finish, Thin 5mm u-profile design to match oak cap rails, Eliminates the need to spend time mitring corners.

Strong and safe, tested in accordance with the DIN 18008-4 requirements for glass edge protection.

Available in a choice of two widths to fit glass thickness of 16.76mm-17.52mm and 20.76mm-21.52mm.

Installation is simple with the use of high strength double-sided adhesive tape.

The lacquered finish makes this cap rail suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Oak Corner Cap Rail Installation Advice

Quick and easy to install, simply cut to length required and secure your u-profile cap rail with high strength double-sided self adhesive tape.

Cap Rail Installation Advice

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