Glass Clamps and Glass Holders - Flat Bar Profile - Linear Line Balustrade

Linear Line Stainless Steel Glass Clamps and Glass Holders

Linear Line Glass Clamps and Glass Holders

Adapter mounting clamps and holders for glass balustrade panels.

Flat Bar Profile Glass Clamps and Holders - Stainless Steel

Collection of glass clamps and glass holders suitable for both mono and laminated glass panels, with glass thickness range of 8mm to 13.52mm

Designed for Adapter Mounting to support glass within a Linear Line balustrade system.
With a full range of adapters available these stylish pieces are suitable for use with our Modular and Square Line balustrade systems.

Flat Profile Glass

Glass Holders

Stainless steel flat profile glass holder supports for top and bottom installation, ideal for long sections of continuous glass.
Flat Profile Glass Holder

Glass Clamps

Beautifully designed flat profile clamps with hidden fixing points. Options for left, right and in-line post mounting available.

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