Glass Holder - Bottom Fixing For Adapter Mounting - Linear Line Balustrade

Flat Bar Profile Glass Holder - Bottom - 8mm to 13.52mm Glass - Stainless Steel

Glass Holders:

Glass Holder - Adapter Mount - Bottom Fixing - Linear Line

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Glass Type Length
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8-8.76mm Glass Holder 316 8 - 8.76 Mono / Laminated 75 14.5508.002.12 £22.38
9.52mm Glass Holder 316 9.52 Laminated 75 14.5544.002.12 £22.38
10-10.76mm Glass Holder 316 10 - 10.76 Mono / Laminated 75 14.5510.002.12 £22.38
11.52mm Glass Holder 316 11.52 Laminated 75 14.5554.002.12 £22.38
12-12.76mm Glass Holder 316 12 - 12.76 Mono / Laminated 75 14.5512.002.12 £22.38
13.52mm Glass Holder 316 13.52 Laminated 75 14.5564.002.12 £22.38

Glass Holder Key Features:

316 grade stainless steel Available in 316 grade (exterior) stainless steel.
8mm - 13.52mm thickness glass Options available to fit 8mm - 13.52mm thickness glass.
320 grit satin finish To a superb brushed 320 grit satin finish.
Adapter for mounting Important - Requires adapter for mounting.
Requires use of a hex head key Requires use of a Hex Head Key for installation.

Stainless steel glass holder designed for bottom mounting to support glass panels within a balustrade system.

A beautiful minimalistic design to a superb brushed satin finish.

Produced from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Installation Advice

This glass holder requires the use of a Mounting Adapter for installation.

Adapters for posts, tube, flat and wall mount are available... See the full range here.

Stainless Steel Bottom Glass Holder For Adapter Mounting Installation

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