Black Gripple Hanger - Wire Rope Loop Kit

Gripple Black Line - Standard Hanger and Wire Rope with Pre-crimped Loop

Black Line Gripple Wire Rope Loop and Standard Tensioner. Up to 90kg safe working load, Supplied in lengths of 5 metres in ready to use packs of 10 for quick and easy installation.

Gripple Wire Suspension Systems
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Gripple Black Line - Standard Hanger - Loop

Options Gripple Pack Size Wire Length
Safe Working Load Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
No.1 - 5 Metre No.1 10 5 1.5 10kg GR-HF1-LG-BLK £106.40
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No.2 - 5 Metre No.2 10 5 2 45kg GR-HF2-LG-BLK £125.90
Please Enquire
No.3 - 5 Metre No.3 10 5 3 90kg GR-HF3-LG-BLK £153.43
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Gripple hanger and wire rope loop assembly with a matt black finish for contemporary, design-led spaces such theatres, exhibitions and retail.

Designed for looping around purlins, beams, roof trusses and other building accessible features.

Can be used to suspend a variety of mechanical, electrical, HVAC and lighting services from different substrates.

Up to 6 times faster than traditional hanging systems.

No need for nuts, bolts, clamps or other accessories.

Black galvanised steel wire rope can be trimmed to size using a good set of wire rope cutters.

Strong, safe and industry approved with a 5:1 safety factor.

Aesthetically discreet and lightweight.

Supplied in ready-to-use kits, comprising of:

  • 10 x Matt Black Gripple Standard Fasteners.
  • 10 x 5 Metre Matt Black Wire Rope with Pre-crimped Loop.
  • Setting Key.

Gripple Black Line - Standard Hanger and Loop Dimensions

Gripple Standard Hanger and Loop Dimensions
Gripple A B C L1 L2
No.1 16mm 24mm 6mm 30mm 60mm
No.2 18mm 34mm 8mm 30mm 60mm
No.3 26mm 43mm 8mm 25mm 60mm

Installation Advice

Gripple Standard Hanger - Wire Rope with Loop Installation

Standard Hanger Installation and Adjustment

Gripple Standard Hanger Installation

1. Simply pass the end of your wire rope through the Gripple hanger.

2. Loop wire rope back on itself and pass back through the hanger fitting.

3. Pull on the wire rope end to tighten, ensure a minimum of 75mm of tail wire exits the hanger.

Adjustment :
To adjust or remove your Gripple, insert the setting key to release the wire rope locking wedge.

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