Gripple 90 Degree Eyelet Wire Rope Kit

Gripple 90 Degree Eyelet, Pre-crimped Wire Rope Fixing with Standard Hanger - Pack of 10

Gripple 90 Degree Eyelet and Standard Hanger wire rope kit. Up to 90kg safe working load. Ready to use kits supplied as packs of 10 in a choice of lengths.

Gripple Standard Hanger - 90 Degree Eyelet

No.1 Gripple

Options Gripple Pack Size Wire Length
Safe Working Load Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
No.1 - 1 Metre No.1 10 1 1.5 10kg GR-HF1-EY906G-1M £36.72
No.1 - 2 Metre No.1 10 2 1.5 10kg GR-HF1-EY906G-2M £42.77
No.1 - 3 Metre No.1 10 3 1.5 10kg GR-HF1-EY906G-3M £48.82
No.1 - 4 Metre No.1 10 4 1.5 10kg GR-HF1-EY906G-4M £54.76
No.1 - 5 Metre No.1 10 5 1.5 10kg GR-HF1-EY906G-5M £60.80
No.1 - 10 Metre No.1 10 10 1.5 10kg GR-HF1-EY906G-10M £90.83

Gripple Standard Hanger - 90 Degree Eyelet

No.2 Gripple

Options Gripple Pack Size Wire Length
Safe Working Load Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
No.2 - 1 Metre No.2 10 1 2 45kg GR-HF2-EY906G-1M £46.76
No.2 - 2 Metre No.2 10 2 2 45kg GR-HF2-EY906G-2M £52.92
No.2 - 3 Metre No.2 10 3 2 45kg GR-HF2-EY906G-3M £59.18
No.2 - 4 Metre No.2 10 4 2 45kg GR-HF2-EY906G-4M £65.45
No.2 - 5 Metre No.2 10 5 2 45kg GR-HF2-EY906G-5M £71.71
No.2 - 10 Metre No.2 10 10 2 45kg GR-HF2-EY906G-10M £102.82

Gripple Standard Hanger - 90 Degree Eyelet

No.3 Gripple

Options Gripple Pack Size Wire Length
Safe Working Load Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
No.3 - 1 Metre No.3 10 1 3 90kg GR-HF3-EY906G-1M £57.02
No.3 - 2 Metre No.3 10 2 3 90kg GR-HF3-EY906G-2M £64.69
No.3 - 3 Metre No.3 10 3 3 90kg GR-HF3-EY906G-3M £72.25
No.3 - 4 Metre No.3 10 4 3 90kg GR-HF3-EY906G-4M £79.81
No.3 - 5 Metre No.3 10 5 3 90kg GR-HF3-EY906G-5M £87.48
No.3 - 10 Metre No.3 10 10 3 90kg GR-HF3-EY906G-10M £125.39

Gripple 90 degree eyelet kits are suitable for a variety of suspension applications that require bolting to brackets or fixtures.

For fixing to concrete, steel or wood using gas or power actuated tools, or appropriate screws.

Strong, safe and industry approved with a 5:1 safety factor.

Aesthetically discreet and lightweight.

  • 10 x Gripple Standard Hanger Fasteners.
  • 10 x Galvanised Wire Rope with Pre-crimped 90 Degree Eyelet.
  • Setting Key.
Gripple Standard Hanger and Wire Rope 90 Degree Eyelet

What Size Gripple Do I Need?

A simple formula to determine the correct Gripple size required is:

Weight per metre x distance between hangers.


20kg load per metre x 2m between hangers = 40kg

Minimum standard hanger size required would be No.2 Gripple.

Standard Hanger and 90 Degree Eyelet Dimensions

Gripple Standard Hanger and 90 degree Eyelet Dimensions
Gripple A B C
No.1 16mm 24mm 6mm
No.2 18mm 34mm 8mm
No.3 26mm 43mm 8mm
90 Eyelet E1 E2 E3
No.1, No.2, No.3 38mm 29mm 7.5mm

Installation Advice

Please note screw and bolt fixings are not supplied. We recommend you choose fixings to suit your mounting requirements.

Eyelet Installation on to a Solid Surface

Gripple Eyelet Installation

1. Mark position and drill pilot hole to suit your screw fixing.

2. Insert Screw through eyelet and tighten, (Masonry will require a wall plug or anchor resin).

3. Always check your fixing to ensure it is secure before adding any load.

Eyelet Installation Through a Support or Beam

Gripple Eyelet Installation Through Support or Beam

1. Mark position and drill hole through intended support.

2. Insert threaded bolt through eyelet, attach and tighten a nut on to the exposed thread.

3. Ensure fitting is secure before adding any load.

Standard Hanger Installation and Adjustment

Gripple Standard Hanger Installation

1. Simply pass the end of your wire rope through the Gripple hanger.

2. Loop wire rope back on itself and pass back through the hanger fitting.

3. Pull on the wire rope end to tighten, ensure a minimum of 75mm of tail wire exits the hanger.

Adjustment :
To adjust or remove your Gripple, insert the setting key to release the wire rope locking wedge.

Need some help?

Simply click to view and download our useful Gripple data sheets:

Standard Hanger Data

90 Degree Eyelet Data

Gripple Wire Suspension Systems
Gripple Hanger and 90 Degree Wire Rope Eyelet assemblies are designed and manufactured in the UK.
Made In Britain
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