Inner Corner Base Y Shape - Fascia - Glass Balustrade

90 Inner Corner Y Base Channel Profile for Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade

Inner Corner Base Profile - Y Shape - Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade

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Inner Corner Yes 14 Aluminium 16.6315.016.18 £212.65
3-5 days

Key Features:

Aluminium Manufactured from aluminium.
Anodised Stainless Steel Effect Finish Anodised stainless steel effect finish.
90 Angle Corner angle of 90.
Safety Wedge Kits Adjustable Safety Wedge Kits available separately.
High Performance Anchor Bolt High performance Anchor Bolts available separately.
Heavy Duty Wood Screws 120mm x 10mm Wood Screws for timber* mounting available separately.

90 Inner Corner Y Shaped Base Profile with U-shaped Glass Channel.

Anodised aluminium with a stainless steel effect finish, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Can be mounted up to 70mm above the mounting surface.

Designed to accept mono and laminated glass thickness of 12mm - 21.52mm.

Pre-drilled with 14mm mounting holes.

Ingenious connector pin system allows perfect alignments to compatible base profiles (Extra pins available separately).

Integrated water drainage channels.

Suitable for mounting onto concrete, masonry and timber*.

Combine with the Adjustable Safety Wedge Kit to allow for glass adjustment in every direction by up to 10 mm - from inside the balustrade.

Corner Profile Mounting positions


If installing onto timber* please take advice from an engineer or structural specialist.

The Essential Partner

High Performance Anchor Bolt, Hexagon head,
M8 thread in stainless steel or zinc plated steel, for mounting onto concrete or masonry.

Typical Fascia Mounting Y Shaped Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade Components

Fascia Mounting Y Shaped Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade Components

Installation Advice - Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade

S3i Video

Video: Fascia Mount 'Y' Shaped Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade Installation - S3i Group

Fascia Mount 'Y' Shaped Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade Installation Advice. An easy to understand guide to fitting 'Y' Shaped fascia mounting glass balustrade with the Frameless Pro glass channel system.

Need some help?

Download and print our installation advice sheet for Fascia Mount Y Shaped Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade.

Inner Corner Connection Advice - Fascia Mount Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade

Y shaped base profiles are joined together using three pin connectors at each end, simply insert pins into your first profile and tap into place with a rubber hammer. You can position and push your next base profile onto the pins.

Inner Corner Y Profile Connection

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