LED Handrail Strip Lights - Colour - 72W - 24V - Mod 65

LED Strip Lights, 72W - 24V for Indoor Use

LED Handrail Strip Lights - RGB Colour - 72W - 24V - Mod 65

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LED 72W, RGB 24 72 IP20 RGB 8 2.2 4000 41.0065.000.00 £562.32

LED Strip Lights - 72W - 24V

Coloured LED strip lights to create beautiful lighting on glass channel balustrade. Designed to fit discreetly within channel handrail and cap rail.

50 LED lights per metre with a beam angle of 120.

Supplied in lengths of 4000mm.

Easy to install using the clever '1 Click technology'.

IP20 safety class for indoor use.

This LED strip light can be cut and connected using a connection cable.

LED strips can be cut to the required length with scissors, always cut between the copper dots.

Compatible transformers, connectors and connection cables available separately.

When connecting strips, the max length from the start to end of the LED strip should not exceed its own original strip length.

LED Strip Light - Mod 65, Key Features:

  • 24V Input Power
  • 72 Watt
  • 50,000 Hour Lifetime
  • IP20 Protection
  • 1080 Im - RGB Colour Light Beam
  • '1-Click Technology' Installation
  • Dimmable
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Safety and Installation Advice

Download LED Handrail Strip Light 72W, 24V - Safety and Installation Advice

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