Rubber Insert Set - Easy Glass Hybrid Balustrade

Glass Mounting Kits for Secure Fixing of 8mm to 13.52mm Glass Thickness

Rubber insert and seal kits designed for attaching glass panels to 'Hybrid' base channel profiles.

Please Note

Please Note:

This rubber insert and wedge kit is only suitable for use with the Easy Glass Hybrid Balustrade System.

Rubber Insert Set - Easy Glass Hybrid

Options Length
Glass Thickness
Glass Type Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
8mm Rubber Set 5000 8 - 8.76 Mono/Laminated 19.6919.908.00 £57.78
7-10 days
10mm Rubber Set 5000 10 - 10.76 Mono/Laminated 19.6919.910.00 £57.78
7-10 days
12mm Rubber Set 5000 12.76 - 13.52 Mono/Laminated 19.6919.912.00 £57.78
7-10 days

Options available to secure mono and laminated glass thickness of 8mm to 8.76mm, 10mm to 10.76mm and 12.76 to 13.52mm.

Each kit will cover the length of 5 metres and includes:

20 x Rubber Mounting Blocks.

1 x Rubber Seal (left).

1 x Rubber Seal (Right).

Rubber Insert Set for Glass Channel Balustrade

Installation Advice

1. Insert rubber blocks into glass channel at the spacings shown below.

2. Place rubber seal into position.

Insert rubber blocks at the spacing shown, and insert rubber seal

3. Insert glass firmly into rubber blocks - ensure all surfaces are clean for a secure fix.

4. Insert final rubber seal into position to fully secure the glass panel in place.

Insert Glass and secure in place using the remaining rubber seal

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