Tube Adapter for Bar/Picket Rail Infill - Linear Line Balustrade

ABS Plastic Tube Adapter for 12mm Infill

Tube Adapter - Picket Railing Infill - Linear Line

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Tube Adapter (50 Pack) 33.7 50 24.0521.033.19 £18.00

Key Features:

ABS Plastic Manufactured from ABS plastic.
Accepts 12mm Diameter Tube Designed to accept 12mm diameter tube.
Push Fits 14mm Diameter Hole Push fits into 14mm diameter hole.
To Fit 33.7mm Diameter Tube Flush fitting onto 33.7mm diameter tube.

Tube Adapter designed for insertion into 33.7mm pre-drilled picket railing top and bottom mount tube to accept 12mm bar infill.

Manufactured from hard wearing ABS plastic.

Simply push fit into 14mm hole.

Linear Line Tube Adapter

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