Tufnol Marine Sailing Blocks, Tufnol and Stainless Steel

Tufnol Marine Blocks


Our range of Tufnol Marine Blocks are a simple and durable cruising block which work well under heavy loads and are less prone to jamming.

Made from 316 stainless steel with Tufnol sheaves and cheek plates and PTFE bearings, this modern and reliable block is built to last.

All Tufnol Marine Blocks can be supplied with a Becket and a choice of Block Heads (Reversible Head or Swivel Head).

All these products are produced in the UK to a high degree of quality control, using modern manufacturing processes, resulting in a reliable and consistent product.

This range of Tufnol rigging blocks is suitable for dinghies and small cruisers as well as a variety of applications on larger yachts.

All Tufnol marine blocks are also available for wire - these will include a different type of sheave. Please contact us for further details and product codes.

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