Ring Holder - 1.5mm x M8 Posilock Wire Display

Posilock Ring Holder

Ring Holder - 1.5mm x M8 Posilock System

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Ring Holder 47 27 12 11 3.5 M8 YO650 £10.82
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Key Features:

Nickel Plated Brass
Manufactured from nickel plated brass.
M8 Thread
Internal M8 thread.

Ring Holder for 1.5mm x M8 Posilock System

Internally threaded connection fitting with removable ring for easy of use.

Dimension Information:

  • Thread: M8
  • Length (A): 47mm
  • Width (B): 27mm
  • Inside Thread Length (C): 12mm
  • Body Diameter (ØD): 11mm
  • (ØD1): 3.5mm

How It Works

Ring Holder Mechanism

Posilock Ring Holder Installation
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