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Shackle Testing to BS EN 10203 3.1b Lifting Equipment Regulations

Tested Shackles

Shackle Testing And Certification
Testing and certification is available on our shackles,
Please contact us on 01302 752 504 or Email us to discuss your requirements.

Shackle Types

D Shape Stainless Steel Shackles

Dee / D

Bow Shape Stainless Steel Shackles


Long Shape Stainless Steel Shackles


Wide Shape Stainless Steel Shackles


Twist Shape Stainless Steel Shackles


Stainless Steel Standard Pin

Standard Pin

High quality threaded stainless steel pin,
quick and easy to use.
Stainless Steel Socket Pin

Socket Pin

Countersunk hex head pin - ideal for situations when you want a tamper free solution.
Stainless Steel Shake Proof Pin

Shake Proof Pin

Ingenious design - once in position the shackle pin will not vibrate loose.

Stainless Steel Shackles Tested & Certified To BS EN 10203 3.1b

If you require our standard 316 stainless steel shackles to be supplied tested & certified, please contact us, and we will be happy to carry this out.

Shackle Testing

Once Tested, each shackle is individually marked with a batch reference number and a Safe Working Load (SWL). A certificate will be issued.

Shackle Etching

Tested shackles will comply with lifting equipment regulations.

Pleasecontact usto discuss your requirement

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