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Baudat Ratchet Wire Rope Cutter 8mm

8mm Wire Rope Cutter

Hand Held Ratchet Wire Rope Cutters for up to 8mm Wire Rope

Baudat Wire Cutters

Ratchet Wire Cutter 8mm

Baudat Wire Cutter 8mm

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8mm Wire Rope Cutter ES2 £130.80

Technical Information

Wire Rope Cutter cutter for flexible wire rope to 12mmŲ.

For hard drawn wire ropes to 8mmŲ

Face ground blades of rust resistant, heat-treated chrome vanadium steel

Hardened, impact-resistant tubular handles

Length 490mm

Weight 1.3kg

RoHS compliant

Made in Germany

Baudat have specialised in cutting tools for copper and aluminium cables, wire ropes and a range of custom applications for over 30 years.

Each cutter is individually tested due to the safety critical measures these cutters are designed for. This ensures that each and every cutter will do the job required in a variety of conditions.

You may notice a slight gap between jaw blades. This is a normal feature that can aid against water retention which could eventually damage or compromise the cutter.

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