Wire Rope Grips, Clips and Clamps

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Grips, Clips and Clamps

Stainless steel wire rope grips and clips for a quick and easy way to create eyelets in wire rope. Ideal for signage, catenary projects, wire plant supports and other non-lifting applications.

Stainless steel clamps are ideal for connecting intersecting wire ropes. Stopper and ring clamps can be used to provide a secure location point on a wire rope.

What is a wire rope grip?

Rope Grip (Bulldog Grip) in 316 grade stainless steel

Wire rope grips (bulldog grips) require no special tools for assembly and can be disassembled and reused.

Simplex and Duplex wire rope clip thimbles

Used to create eyes in 2mm - 8mm 7x7 & 7x19 cable constructions. Simply loop the cable each side of the threaded bolt and tighten down the plate using a suitable spanner.

Simplex and duplex grips are not suitable for use with any 1x19 construction cables and also not suitable for lifting applications.

Wire Rope Grips With Loops

Wire Rope Clamps, Cross Clamps, Stoppers and Ring Clamps

Cross clamps, net clips or crossover clips are used where crossed wires need connection e.g. for wire nets and wire trellis.

Cross clamps are supplied in two versions:

Fixed 90° cross clamps are designed for wire rope crossing at right angles.

Flexible net clips were developed for wire crossings at angles over or under 90 degrees.

Wire rope stoppers and clamps are designed to fit tight and secure on to wire rope, perfect for use as a plant training aid on wire trellis. Suitable for display/decorative applications and also can be used as an anti-tamper measure.

Wire Rope Clamps

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Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope - choice of sizes, lengths and grades.

Stainless Steel Thimbles

Stainless Steel Thimbles to form reinforced eye/loop in wire rope.

Wire Rope Sling with Hard Eye

Wire Rope Sling with Hard Eye - Made to measure.

Wire Rope Sling with Soft Eye

Wire Rope Sling with Soft Eye - Made to measure.

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