Wire Rope Sling Assembly - Hard Eye - Stainless Steel

Made to Measure Wire Rope Sling with Hard Thimble Eye Loops - 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Wire rope assembly with hard eye thimble loops, thimbles reinforce and retain the eye shape and protects the inside of the loop from damage, each cable is made to measure using 7x19 strand marine grade stainless steel.


Handmade To Order

Please allow 5 to 7 working days from order for manufacture and delivery.

Wire Rope Sling with Hard Eye

Options Wire
Code Price (inc VAT) (Length: 1 metre)
1.5mm Sling 1.5 17.04 7 13 WRSH-015 £7.50
2mm Sling 2 28 7 13 WRSH-020 £8.76
3mm Sling 3 64 10 17 WRSH-030 £10.79
4mm Sling 4 112.8 11 18 WRSH-040 £12.53
5mm Sling 5 176.8 13 23 WRSH-050 £13.97
6mm Sling 6 256 15 27 WRSH-060 £16.15
8mm Sling 8 454.4 18 33 WRSH-080 £22.82

NB: Please use the calculator (above right) to work out the cost to your specific dimensions.

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Each wire rope assembly is made to your dimensions and consists of:

  • One length of 7x19 strand stainless steel wire rope
  • Hard eye stainless steel thimble loops
  • Copper ferrule termination at each end
Made In Britain

Made In Britain

This high quality stainless steel wire rope sling with hard thimble eye loops is engineered and manufactured here in the UK.

How to Measure Your Wire Rope Sling

Wire Rope Sling Measurements

Please provide us with the BEARING SURFACE to BEARING SURFACE cable assembly measurements.

Wire Rope Sling Downloads:

PDF Information Sheet

Download - General instructions for the use of Wire Rope Slings

Download Hard Eye Dimensions

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