Cable Display System - Stainless Steel

Suspended Cable Display and Wire Hanging System

Cable Display System - Stainless Steel

Cable display systems are commonly used in retail stores, museums, galleries, exhibitions, and other commercial spaces where a modern and minimalist display solution is desired.

This innovative system uses cables or wires to suspend items such as signs, posters, artwork, or other promotional materials, providing a way to showcase information or products while maintaining a clean and unobtrusive appearance.

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Create displays quickly and easily with our stainless steel cable display system, offering a full range of component parts that can be combined to create an innovative and stylish display every time.

Cables/Wires: The primary element of these systems is the 2.5mm or 3mm diameter stainless steel cables or wires. These cables are suspended horizontally or vertically to create a display area.

Fixtures and Fittings: These include tensioners that are used to secure the cables to walls, ceilings, or floors.

Panel Supports: For displaying items such as acrylic panels or glass/wood shelving, panel supports may be used. These supports are attached to the cables and provide additional stability.

Accessibility: One of the advantages of cable display systems is that they allow for easy rearrangement or replacement of displayed items. This makes them versatile and suitable for environments where frequent changes are needed.

Customization: Cable display system components can be customized together to create unique configurations to fit specific requirements. This includes the ability to adjust cable lengths, choose different types of fittings.

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