Lifting Chain - Grade 80 and Grade 100

Proof Load Tested and Certified Lifting Chain Specifically Designed for Chain Slings

Lifting Chain - Grade 80 and Grade 100

There are numerous different ways to lift heavy loads. The most common and safest is using chain slings, which are suitable for construction sites, factories and warehouses.

Grade 80 and Grade 100 Lifting chain is manufactured from High tensile alloy steel, and is heat treated for tensile strength and resistance to wear whilst also allowing for shock absorption.

We recommend only using Grade 80 chain with Grade 80 components.

We recommend only using Grade 100 chain with Grade 100 Components.

Each chain is supplied with the relevant certification.

Chain Properties

Work Load Limit (WLL) is the maximum load which the chains are designed to sustain in lifting use. The mean stress at this load is 200n/mm2 (MPA) and is based on a 4:1 factor of safety.

Manufacturing Proof Force (MPF) is the force to which during manufacture the chain is subjected to. The mean stress at this load is 500n/mm2 (MPA) which is 2.5 times the working load limit.

Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) is the minimum force of which the chain must withstand before failure. The mean stress at this load is 800n/mm2 (MPA). The minimum elongation before failure is 20%.

Chain Safety

Chain lifted loads should never be transported or suspended over people.

Chain should be inspected every six months for cracks, gouges, wear, elongation, nicks, and suitability.

Chain performance can be effected by excessive temperatures or exposure to chemically active environments such as acids, corrosive liquids or fumes.

When mixing chain and components such as hooks and links, all should be rated at the work load limit of the lowest rated component or chain.



All lifting Chain is cut to order and therefore we do not accept returns on these items.

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