Architectural Tie Bar Specification Information

Important Information

S3i Group (S3i Ltd) provide wire rope fittings which, when installed correctly, will exceed the breaking loads of the corresponding wire rope.

However, when using rod systems, it is necessary to consider the breaking loads and yield point (Rp 0.2) of the rods and of the fittings.

Austenitic AISI 316 stainless steel is quite soft in the annealed condition from which end fittings are manufactured. The rods themselves, although made of the same material, may be a great deal tougher due to work hardening when the rods where drawn at the mill. The yield point could be three times that of the end fittings.

If a structure is designed using rods it will be necessary to consider the yield point of the end fittings. There are three possibilities:

  1. The end fittings can be increased in size to match the yield point to that of the rod.
  2. The end fittings can be manufactured from 17/4ph grade steel which has a yield point higher than that of austenitic stainless, The stainless properties of 17/4ph are not as good as marine grade austenitic stainless steel.
  3. A duplex, or super duplex, grade can be used for the fittings. Grade 2205 duplex can have a yield point equivalent to that of cold drawn bars.

S3i Ltd can give details of the cross sectional areas of the fittings and the rods and are able to produce the end fittings according to either of the three options.

S3i Ltd does not offer an engineering service for the specification of structures. An engineer should always be employed to approve your calculations.

The notes in this web site are intended to outline the products that we are able to offer the engineer or contractor in formulating a solution to a construction problem. S3i Ltd does not itself offer a design or contracting service.

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