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Wire Rope Ferrules & Crimps in Aluminium, Copper & Stainless Steel

Wire Rope Ferrules

Wire Rope Ferrules

Ferrules - Copper, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Nicopress<

Wire rope ferrules & crimps are used to form eyes & stops on stainless & galvanised wire rope.

Standard type A ferrules to BS 5281.

Talurit ferrules.

Ferrules are also known as wire rope sleeves or cable crimps.

Choosing Your Ferrule

The size of the ferrule you choose relates to the wire diameter.

So, If using 4mm wire rope, please choose a 4mm ferrule.

Copper Ferrule Creating Loop In Wire Rope

Wire Rope Ferrule Downloads:

PDF Information Sheet

Download - Creating A Loop Using A Wire Rope Ferrule

Stainless Steel Thimble Eyes

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Stainless Steel Wire Rope

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Wire Rope Crimping Tools

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Wire Rope Ferrules Copper Ferrule - Type A Copper Ferrule - Round End Stop Aluminium Ferrule - Type A Stainless Steel Ferrule - Type A Nicopress Ferrule
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