Tensioned Wire Trellis System

Made to Measure Tensioned Wire Trellis

Tensioned Stainless Steel Wire Trellis

Utilising stainless steel wire under tension between stainless steel stand-off's this system allows for large scale trellis installations.

Our simple system allows for ambitious and creative wire trellis applications. We have designed our system to be versatile, easy to use and extremely affordable.

Made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel in the UK, our tensioned plant training system will allow for high strength, high load applications.

Tensioned Wire Trellis Diagram

Tensioned Wire Trellis System

Options Wire
Thread L1
Code Price (inc VAT) (Length: 1 metre)
Wire Trellis Assembly 4 M8 86 96 16 8 40 TGW-01-A £48.60

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Each cable is supplied to your specific dimensions and consists of:

  • 1 x 4mm diameter 7x7 stainless steel wire rope
  • 2 x 4mm M8 threaded stainless steel studs fixed at each end
  • 2 x Surface mounting stainless steel hubs
  • 2 x Stainless steel M8 nuts
  • 2 x Stainless steel M8 dome nuts
  • 2 x Stainless steel M8 dual thread screws

Delivered 3 to 5 days from order

Made In Britain

Stand-Off Wire Trellis Hubs

Stand Off Wire Trellis Hub Dimensions
L1 L2 D1 D2 D3
86mm 96mm 16mm 8mm 40mm

Additional Stand-Off Wire Trellis Hubs are available to purchase separately.

In Our Opinion

Want to add vertical wire

Cross clamps are available for the addition of vertical wires (please see below).

Tensioned Wire Trellis Information

Trellis system with threaded studs through stand off

How to measure your trellis wire lengths:

To specify the required length of the cable assembly simply give us the length required between the 2 fixing points.

Measure From Hub Centre To Hub Centre

How to install your trellis wire:

Each cable can span up to 20 metres and still achieve good tension.

The system can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.


Important: For a perfect fit you will need to leave no more than 30mm of thread protruding from your mounting surface.

The dual thread pin allows direct installation into hardwood timber and if combined with the correct rawl plug it is attachable to almost any masonry surface.

Dual Thread Screw

Dual Thread Screw with Hex Head
Dual Thread Screw Mounted into Timber and Masonry

Installation Advice

Need some help?

Download and print our installation advice sheet for the made to measure Tensioned Wire trellis system.

Installation of made to measure tensioned wire trellis


Plan your project in advance to ensure you have the correct number of mounting hubs, wires and fittings.

You will need a few simple houshold tools for a quick and easy installation: Chalk/Pen, Drill, Hex Head Key, Wrench and Spanner.

1. Getting Started

It is a good idea to layout your design onto the relevant surface with a pen or chalk prior to drilling any pilot holes, taking factors such as brick spacing into consideration.

Mark out your layout before drilling pilot holes

2. Drill Pilot Holes

The dual thread pin allows direct installation into hardwood timber (such as oak) or if combined with the correct rawl plug it is attachable to almost any masonry surface. We recommend a 6mm or 7mm drill piece for wood installation or a 12mm hole if using a grey 10mm x 50mm wall plug on solid brick (not mortar) to reduce the chance of cracking).

3. Insert Dual Thread Screw

Ensure you leave no more than 30mm of thread protruding from the mounting surface for a perfect fit.

A: Timber Mount Screw in the dual thread screw into place using the hex head key.

B: Masonry Mount Insert rawl plug first and then screw in the dual thread screw into place using the hex head key.

Insert the dual thread screw

4. Attach Hubs

Screw the surface mounting hubs onto the dual thread screws, aligning the centre holes with each other.

B: Alignment of the cross holes can be achieved by simply turning the adjustable base plate of your hub in or out.

Attach surface mount hubs

5. Attach Ready Made Wire Cable

Place the threaded end studs into position through the hub fixing holes.

Place the threaded end studs into position

6. Attach M8 Nuts

Starting at one end, attach a M8 nut.Remember to leave only a small amount of thread showing, so that when you tension the wire, more thread will be revealed to provide thread for the dome end nut.

Once in place attach the remaining M8 nut to the opposite end.Ensure both ends are finger tight with an even amount of thread showing.

Fix the wire cable in place with the M8 nuts

7. Applying Tension

When applying tension it is important that you do not allow the wire rope twist. We recommend using a 6mm spanner or a set of grips on the spanner flat of the threaded end assembly to hold the wire in place.

Use a 13mm spanner to tighten the M8 nuts evenly in slight increments until you have the required tension.

Ensure you leave the same amount of thread protruding at each end.

Apply tension to the wire cable

8. Attach The M8 Dome Nuts

Once you have tensioned the wire rope, simply attach and tighten a M8 dome nut against the M8 nut at each end.

This will provide a safe and stylish finish to your tensioned wire trellis system.

Attach M8 dome nuts

Tensioned Wire Trellis Examples

Wire Trellis System Installed on Masonry Wall
Detail of Wire Trellis Hub on Masonry Wall

Adding Vertical Trellis Wires with Cross Clamps

Adding vertical trellis wires with cross clamps

You can add vertical wires to horizontal tensioned wire trellis (see pic above) by using stainless steel wire cross clamps to hold the vertical wire in place.

Quick and easy to add to any new or existing wire trellis system, simply choose the clamp size to suit your wire diameter. View our full range of Cross Clamps.

We recommend using 4mm Wire Rope Cross Clamp for 90 degree cross over of wires.

Cross Clamps on Tensioned Trellis System

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