Structural Tie Bar - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Tie Bar System with Cast Forks

Stainless Steel Tie Bar System with Cast Forks

Stainless Steel Tie Bars

  • 520N/mm˛ 0.2% proof stress
  • a high strength cold drawn 316 stainless steel or Duplex stainless steel
  • available in lengths up to 7.5m with rolled threads to BS3643
  • usually offered as a "satin" equivalent finish
  • bright polished tendons can also be offered

High strength stainless steel tie bar system with high specification cast forks.

Our SSBS-520 stainless steel tie bar system is manufactured with characteristic yield strengths of 520 N/mm˛. Grade 520 bars with 316 stainless steel corrosion properties.

Our range of stainless steel structural tie bars can be supplied from M12 to M56 sizes, typically we supply M12, M16, M20 and M24.

The tie bars are set to their nominal pin-to-pin length and are supplied pre-assembled which means they are ready to be incorporated into the structure saving valuable time on site.

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant. However it is not completely maintenance-free in all environments. For example in coastal, swimming pool and leisure environments stainless steel requires cleaning with a proprietary cleaner to remove light surface corrosion. The time interval between cleaning will be determined by the severity of the exposure.

The DST520 stainless steel system should only be used in a chlorine environment after full consideration of the associated risks of stress corrosion cracking.

Where stainless steel fittings are in contact with carbon steel bi-metallic corrosion may take place under certain conditions. To prevent this isolation coatings and washers can be supplied for the pins at request.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Stainless Steel Tie Bar System

Grade 520 Stainless Steel Bar Properties

M12, M16, M20 and M24

Thread M12 M16 M20 M24
Yield load - design load (kN) 44 82 127 184
Ultimate load - break load (kN) 55 104 162 233
Stress area (mm˛) 84 157 245 353
Yield stress (N/mm˛) 520 520 520 520
Ultimate stress (N/mm˛) 660 660 660 660
Nominal Bar Dia. (%) 11 15 19 660
Max single bar length (m) 6 6 7.5 7.5

M30, M36, M42 and M56

Thread M30 M36 M42 M56
Yield load - design load (kN) 292 425 583 934
Ultimate load - break load (kN) 370 539 740 1279
Stress area (mm˛) 561 817 1.121 2,030
Yield stress (N/mm˛) 520 520 520 460
Ultimate stress (N/mm˛) 660 660 660 630
Nominal Bar Dia. (%) 28 34 39 52
Max single bar length (m) 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5

Thread specification: Rolled metric threads to BS3643

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