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Gripple Wire Hanger Systems
Gripple Wire Suspension Systems

Simple, Safe and Effective Alternative for Terminating Wire Rope Assemblies.

Gripple fixings provide the ideal suspension solution for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), mechanical and electrical, lighting, acoustics and signage.

Used extensively throughout the building, architectural, lighting and agricultural sectors, Gripple wire suspension kits are the perfect alternative to the traditional threaded rod solution and are engineered with simplicity in mind, allowing for significant savings in time and labour during installation.

Up to 6 times faster installation than traditional wire hanging systems.

Versatile and simple to install, with easy adjustment for perfect positioning.

Gripple products can be pre-installed to reduce time working at height.

Strong, safe and industry approved with a 5:1 safety factor load rating.

Aesthetically discreet and lightweight, perfect for use in retail and architectural installations.

Delivered in ready to use kits with your chosen length of wire rope, pre-crimped end fitting, Gripple fastener and setting key.

Wide range of pre-crimped end fixings available, providing a suspension solution whatever the application.

We also offer a selection of component Gripple fasteners, available individually.

Standard Hanger

Gripple hangers offer the ideal solution to fulfil a variety of mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and lighting suspension requirements from a variety of substrates.

Gripple Standard Hanger Range

Express Hanger

The fastest locking device available for quick, simple suspension of a wide variety of services. Designed with a user friendly, keyless release mechanism.

Gripple Express Range


Create secure, overhead spans by running high strength wire between two fixing points. Designed for installations where no direct vertical anchor point is available, Catenary Kits allow lightweight spans to be created exactly where required for the installation.

Gripple Catenary System

Why Choose Gripple

85% faster

95% more lightweight

95% more carbon efficient compared to threaded rod

Gripple wire suspension systems will save you time and money.

Gripple Wire Rope Suspension
Gripple Wire Suspension Systems
Gripple are a UK company with a trusted and renowned worldwide reputation for quality and innovation.
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