Gallery Picture Rails - Hanging Frame Suspension System

Picture hanging rail and cable system for elegant and contemporary gallery style display

Hanging Frame Suspension and Gallery Picture Rails

Gallery picture rails are horizontal strips installed on walls. Our practical and easy to use frame suspension system offers you maximum flexibility; allowing you to move your images anywhere, creating a new space, a new look every time.

JNF Architectural Hardware

Installation: Picture rails are mounted on the wall, usually near the ceiling. They can be installed in a straight line or even around the entire room. The height can vary based on personal preference or the size of your artwork.

Hanging Mechanism: This picture rail has a groove/channel that accommodates the hanging system. This system often uses hooks and wires that can be easily adjusted to change the position of the artwork without any need for tools or additional holes in the wall.

Flexibility: One of the advantages of gallery picture rails is their flexibility. You can easily move and rearrange your artwork without creating new holes or damaging the wall. This is especially useful for those who like to change their displays frequently.

Aesthetics: Picture rails can add a decorative element to a room. Allowing you to choose a design that complements your interior décor.

Protection of Walls: By using picture rails, you avoid the need to hammer nails or use other wall-harming methods to hang your artwork.

Safety: When using gallery picture rails, it's essential to ensure proper installation to support the weight of your artwork.

Gallery Picture Rails on Stairs

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Gallery Picture Rails

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