Marine Fail Safe Rigging Insulator for Wire Yacht Rigging

Marine Fail Safe Rigging Insulator

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Fail safe insulator; if the insulating material breaks down the insulator will not come apart, and your back stay will keep on working.

The only fail safe rigging insulator for wire available on the market today.

The nut is insulated from the stainless steel body by a Tufnol socket, preventing electrical transference to the insulator body or opposite terminal. Should, for any reason, the Tufnol be compromised, the nut will bottom out against the stainless housing.

While the backstay will loosen, the insulating studs will remain attached to the insulator body-allowing the rig to be re-tensioned until a repair can be made.

Meets or exceeds current electrical standards for marine backstay insulators.

Available with swageless terminals, swage terminals, eye and fork ends to suit any application. The part ordering codes listed below are not comprehensive with regard to all the possible combinations of this product. Contact us for further details.

The insulator exceeds the rated breaking load of the cable, even Dyform, whilst at the same time providing the necessary electrical properties to enable your backstay to be used as an aerial.

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