SBS-450 Architectural Tie Bar System

Structural Tie Rod System

The SBS-450 tie bar / tie rod system is made from high tensile materials resulting in extra strength and has a tapered lock nut design feature that hides bar threads thus providing a clean cosmetic appearance.

SBS-450 Architectural Tie Bar System

The standard tie bar system consists of a bar with a left hand and right hand threaded SBS-450 fork at each end.

Once installed the rod can be rotated to expand or contract the fork's pin centres. Special spanner flats can be added to the tie bars to help with rotation.

Fork end set with taper nut unlocked

The forks are locked into position by tightening the tapered locking nuts using a 'C' pin spanner.

The special tapered locking nuts also hide excessive bar threads.

The forks benefit from 'Double Headed' clevis pins which are fastened into position using a standard 'Allen' key

Fork end set with fork, taper nut and pin exploded

Quality & Strength


SBS-450 forks and pins are manufactured from Duplex grade stainless steel. This offers high resistance to corrosion and superior mechanical properties over marine grade 316(EN10088 1.4401)

*Designed in accordance with BS5950-1:2000 and EN 1993-1-8:2005

The SBS-450 tie rod itself is manufactured from high quality stainless steel grade 316 with rolled threads to BS3643. Available in thread sizes M10 to M39

SBS-450 Tie Rod Threads

All components are UK produced using the latest CNC technology and are finished to a N4 standard (240 grit satin). Tie bar lengths are available up to 6 metres. Lengths exceeding 6 metres can be catered for by using a tie bar coupler.

Summary of tensile rod strengths

Thread (Metric) Yield Load kN* Ultimate Load kN*
M10 26.1 40.6
M12 37.8 58.8
M16 70.7 109.9
M20 110.3 171.5
M24 158.9 247.1
M27 206.6 321.3
M30 252.6 392.7
M33 312.3 485.8
M36 367.7 571.9
M39 439.2 683.2

The SBS450 system provides a technical solution to most tie bar situations.

We have a wide range of experience with tie bar systems and can offer assistance to architects, designers, project managers and the end user.

SBS-450 Tie Bar In Place

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