Open Body Turnbuckle - Eye and Eye

Eye and Eye Turnbuckle Tensioner - Open Body - 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Traditional style open body turnbuckle with threaded eye at one end, threaded eye at the other end, manufactured from A4-AISI marine grade stainless steel.

Open Body Turnbuckle Eye - Eye

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4mm Eye-Eye 58 44 90 84 124 6 OBTEE-04 £1.48
In stock
5mm Eye-Eye 70 55 120 110 162 8 OBTEE-05 £1.96
In stock
6mm Eye-Eye 90 68 145 135 200 10 OBTEE-06 £2.69
In stock
8mm Eye-Eye 120 95 190 176 262 14 OBTEE-08 £4.79
In stock
10mm Eye-Eye 150 120 230 215 325 16 OBTEE-10 £8.09
In stock
12mm Eye-Eye 200 168 315 300 445 18 OBTEE-12 £13.87
In stock
16mm Eye-Eye 250 210 390 370 564 24 OBTEE-16 £30.28
In stock
20mm Eye-Eye 300 245 480 435 660 30 OBTEE-20 £57.19
In stock

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Key Features:

316 Stainless Steel
316 grade stainless steel


Traditional style eye/eye open body turnbuckle.

An affordable range of wire rope tensioners ideal for landscaping and horticulture and also installations such as catenary cables, rigging and fencing.

  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel - highly corrosion resistant.
  • Create secure tensioned fixing.
  • Quality manufactured for strength and value.
  • Easily adjusted.

Dimension Information:

PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Download Turnbuckle Eye/Eye Dimension Information

How To Use A Turnbuckle

We recommend starting with your turnbuckle half engaged, this is so you can apply tension once fitted. Rotate the central strainer body by hand to release the threaded eye ends.

Turnbuckle Installation Advice

Once your turnbuckle connected, simply tighten the turnbuckle by rotating the central strainer body until the required tension is achieved.

Tip: You can use a flat head screw driver or the claw of a hammer to help tighten the central strainer (dependent on turnbuckle size).

Turnbuckle Tension Advice

Important If using with wire rope, it is important that the wire is NOT allowed to turn or twist as this could weaken the wire.


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