Hydraulic Crimping Pliers - Stainless Steel Terminals

Hydraulic Crimping Pliers Supplied Without Dies

Hydraulic crimping pliers are designed to securely crimp stainless steel terminals onto wire rope (Not recommended for use with ferrules).

Hydraulic Crimping Pliers - Hand Held

Options Max. Pressing Force
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
Crimping Pliers 12 HCP-12 £228.00
In stock

Crimping Dies for Hydraulic Crimping Plier

Options Wire Diameter
Terminal Diameter
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
3mm Crimping Die 3 6.4 HCPD12-03 £151.20
In stock
4mm Crimping Die 4 7.5 HCPD12-04 £151.20
In stock
5mm Crimping Die 5 9 HCPD12-05 £151.20
In stock
6mm Crimping Die 6 12.5 HCPD12-06 £151.20
In stock

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Hydraulic crimping pliers with a maximum force of 12 tonnes these hand held crimping pliers are highly portable and suitable for using on site.

Supplied in a plastic carry case Without Crimping Dies.

Please Note: This Hydraulic Crimping Plier is Not intended for use where safety application and full strength termination is required.

If you require this type of termination we highly recommend you use a roller swaging machine - We offer a crimping and swaging service.

Please contact us on 01302 752 504 or Email us for further information.

Crimping Dies

Crimping dies specially designed to fit our hydraulic crimping pliers, manufactured from high quality steel to ensure maximum durability.

Available individually in a range of 3mm. 4mm, 5mm and 6mm sizes.

Crimping Advice

To achieve a secure and solid fixing when crimping a stainless terminal onto wire rope we recommend you crimp in a series of steps along the body of the terminal.

Crimp In A Series Of Steps For The Perfect Fixing

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