Glass Supports and Clamps for Interiors and Shelving

Decorative Glass Supports and Glass Shelf Supports

Glass Supports
A useful range of glass brackets that have a range of different applications.

They are suitable for shelving, offices and commercial usage.

Supports can also be used to create hygiene protection screen or sneeze guards.

Manufactured from Zamak (Zinc Alloy) with a choice of hard-wearing finishes.

Designed to support a wide range of glass from 6mm up to 15mm.

Can also be used with plastic, plexiglass and acrylic screens.



These decorative glass supports should NOT be used for glass balustrades and balconies, or in areas where safety is paramount.

New Table Divider Clamps

Table Divider Screen Clamps

Create a safe working environment - Table mount brackets provide an elegant solution to ensure a safe social (working) distance between colleagues in offices, shops, clinics and workplaces.

Without the need for any drilling and bolting to surfaces these clamps are easy to fit and reposition with minimal fuss.