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Square Line 60x30 Stainless Steel Balustrade Fittings and Components

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Square Line 60x30

The Square Line 60x30 is designed with an innovative and fresh take on square balustrade. Providing you with an incredibly robust rectangular design to withstand larger loads.

The perfect choice for use with glass, using a choice of glass clamps, glass holders or glass spiders.

The 60x30 is usually complimented with a 60x20 stainless steel handrail, but with the options of handrail brackets to accept tubular handrail the possibilities are limitless.

On these pages you will find all the fittings you need to complete your banister installation, all in the finest quality outdoor 316 grade stainless steel.

60x30 Stainless Steel Balustrade 60x30 Stainless Steel Fascia Mount Balustrade

Complete Versatility

Simply Combine Square line 60x30 with some of our other high quality infills and products to achieve the style you desire.

63x30 Balustrade With Mod21 Square Glass Clamps

Square Glass Clamps

A classic design to accept glass 6mm to 10mm. Please click for more about our classic Square Glass Clamps... more

63x30 Balustrade With Mod29 Square Glass Clamps

Adapter Mounting Glass Clamps

Adapter mounted clamps for a beautiful minimalistic style. Please click for more about our Adapter Mounting Glass Clamps... more

63x30 Balustrade With Mod55 Square Glass Holders

Adapter Mounting Glass Holders

Holders designed to support balustrade glass.Please click for more about our Glass Holders... more

63x30 Balustrade With Mod21 Square Glass Spiders

Square Glass Spiders

Ideal for a floating glass system. Please click for more about our Glass Spiders... more

Need Some Help ?

Alternatively, you can contact us to specify all the fittings and tube you might need for your ideal solution.

If you need us to provide you with a quote for a particular balustrade design or layout please download our easy to use sketch sheet.

Simply draw your handrail layout and fax or email it back to us for a no obligation quote.


Downloadable balustrade layout sheet

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