Rings & Pins - Stainless steel - clevis pins, split pin, split ring, D ring, O ring, fast pin, beta pin

Rings & Pins

General Information

All in 316 grade (Marine Grade) stainless steel.

Typical uses of clevis pins include fastening turnbuckles in rigging. Clevis pins are used extensively in sailboat rigging, as well as the Automotive, Aircraft and construction industries.

Split pins or Cotter pins are frequently used to secure other fasteners, e.g. clevis pins

A Beta Pin or Clip, also known as an R-pin, R-key, bridge pin, hairpin cotter pin, hairpin cotter, bridge pin, hitch pin or spring cotter pin, is a fastener made of a springy material, commonly hardened metal wire, in the shape of the letter 'R' or the greek letter 'Beta'.

Split Rings are often used as key rings.

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