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Screw Eye - Woodscrew Thread - Vine Eye, Lag Thread, Stainless Steel

Screw Eye

All in 304 grade stainless steel.

Screw Eye - Woodscrew Thread - Vine Eye, Lag Thread

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5mm Screw Eye 5 48 24 12 3 5.3 SE-050 £5.00
6mm Screw Eye 6 60 35 13 3.8 6.3 SE-060 £5.22

Key Features:

304 stainless steel 304 grade stainless steel.


Eye Bolt with wood screw thread

Screw eyes can be directly installed in wood and, if combined with the correct rawl plug, can be attached to almost any surface.

Use it as a small eye bolt for attachment to forks, toggle forks, shackles, etc.

Wood screw thread eye bolts (also referred to as screw thread eye bolts, eye screws, or turned/bent eye lags) have a wood or lag screw thread for use in wood, masonry or lag anchors.

Eye bolts are commonly used to attach cables to objects

Often used as a plant training aid (vine eye), or to lay wire trellis.

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