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Contemporary Domestic & Light Commercial Frameless Glass Balustrades

Powder Coating?

We can now powder coat components to any given RAL colour of your choice.

This is a bespoke service, with all components being manufactured to order.

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Powder Coating

Our popular and user-friendly glass channel balustrade systems.

Easy Glass Smart+

The number one glass balustrade when it comes to glass alignment! The base shoe of this glass railing system uses the revolutionary adjustable Q-disc System, which allows you to adjust and secure glass infills easier than ever before.

Uses the Q-Disc System for glass thickness of 17.52mm and 21.52mm.

You can choose between top mount or a fascia mount glass balustrade installation.

Designed so all installation can be carried out from the inner side of the balustrade.

All profiles are manufactured in Aluminium to a brushed stainless steel effect finish and are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

Top Mount Easy Glass Smart+ Fascia Mount Easy Glass Smart+
Usage Light/medium commercial and residential Light/medium commercial and residential
Suitable For Stairways Yes Yes
Certified BS 6180 BS 6180
Maximum Load 0.74kN/m 0.74kN/m
Glass Thickness (mm) 17.52 - 21.52 17.52 - 21.52
Cladding Possible No Yes
Easy Glass Smart+ Balustrade

Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade

Introducing the Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade system. A unique design that allows for fine-tuning of each glass panel from the inner side of the balustrade.

A choice of four mounting profiles available, two top mounting and two fascia mounting. All profiles manufactured from aluminium and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade Profiles

Designed to accept mono and laminated glass thickness of 12mm - 21.52mm.

The maximum loading of this balustrade system is 0.74kN.

Full range of straight and corner profiles with integrated water drainage, all perfectly aligned using a clever connector pin design.

Glass panels are adjustable in every direction by up to 10mm using the Frameless Pro adjustable rubber insert and wedge kit.

There is no need for countersunk anchors, plus with fewer anchors required this system is very cost effective.

Frameless Pro has fixings for concrete, masonry and timber* mounting available.
*We always recommend taking advice from an engineer or specialist if mounting onto timber.

Top Mount Pro Fascia Mount Pro F Top Mount Pro Y Fascia Mount Pro
Suitable For Stairways Yes Yes No Yes
Certified Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Load 0.74kN 0.74kN 0.74kN 0.74kN
Weight (kg/m) 7.40 7.92 8.36 9.35
Glass Thickness (mm) 12 - 21.52 12 - 21.52 12 - 21.52 12 - 21.52
Estimated Install Time 1.5 - 2 hours per metre 1.5 - 2 hours per metre 1.5 - 2 hours per metre 1.5 - 2 hours per metre
Cladding Possible No Yes No Yes
Mouting Advice

Mounting Advice

Any quoted figures about the performance of these products relate to installing into concrete.

*Please take advice from an engineer or specialist when installing into any other material, such as timber.

Frameless Pro Glass Balustrade System
Top Mount Glass Channel Balustrade

Top Mount glass channel balustrade is the perfect choice for minimalist interiors and exteriors, offering straight and corner profiles to suit any project.

Straight forward to install with the use of our safety wedge kit.

Fascia Mounting Profiles For Glass Channel Balustrade

Fascia Mount glass channel balustrade is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and are ideal for areas where you wish to make the full use of space. The perfect choice for balconies and stairwells.

We offer a full range of straight and corner profiles to give you complete control and choice of your design.

S3i Video

Video: Video Demonstration of the Glass Channel Pendulum Test - S3i Group

Video demonstration of the glass channel pendulum test with a 50kg side impact. The force of the impact was greater than 1.5 kN and the installation remained completely intact.


kN = kiloNewton - 1kN is roughly 102 kilogram-force of load

Certified = Independently certified by CSTB (France), AbP Bauart Gepruft (Germany) and independently tested in the UK by Arc Engineers Ltd (test results available)

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