Technical Data Advice

S3i take great pride in the high quality and safety standards of the products we produce and supply.

Many of our products are engineered and manufactured here in the UK.

Where you see the 'Made In Britain' logo on our product pages you can be assured of a total UK heritage.

Made In Britain

Although we endeavour to ensure you have all the correct product information you require - please take note of the following:

A note about dimensional information

Please be aware that dimensions published on the site should be treated as indicative.

We publish dimensions to the best of our ability, however manufacturers can, from time to time, make small alterations to their designs.

If your dimensional criteria is critical please do contact us prior to making your purchase to let us know and we will do our best to fulfil your requirements.

A note about loading information

Breaking Load (MBL) and Safe Working Load (SWL) figures are supplied to us by manufacturers. Please bear in mind that figures quoted on this website are intended to outline the products performance.

In cases of doubt or in critical applications, an engineer should be consulted to assess the loading and advise on suitable factors of safety to ensure that overloading cannot occur.

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