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Stainless Steel Lifting Shackles

Lifting Shackles

S3i are a leading supplier of stainless steel shackles to the lifting and offshore industries.

Our range of stainless steel lifting shackles have been designed for applications in consultation with our customers, helping them to provide the right parts for their applications.


General Lifting Applications

All PH lifting shackles have a specific design for a specific application. The S3i PH lifting shackle range are designed and manufactured for general lifting applications.

PH lifting shackles are heat treated to between condition H1025 and condition H1075 to achieve the optimum balance of mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion: in this state PH 17/4 closely approaches stainless types 302 and 304 for most corrosion agents.

If corrosion resistance is of greater importance then please refer to the E Type Safety shackles. Usual applications include cargo lifting in marine environments and general industrial lifting.

Lifting Applications in natural atmospheric conditions - water, city and landscape

E Type Safety shackles should be used in applications where corrosion resistance is of significant importance.

Stainless steels are possible solutions to corrosion problems and are ideally suited to natural (water, city and landscape atmospheric) conditions.

Due to the nature of stainless steel and the possibility of work hardening/stress ageing, we strongly recommend that thorough inspection and maintenance is carried out on a regular basis.

Usual applications include water sewage plants, children's playgrounds, submerged water pumps etc.

Proper Use

Inspection of Lifting Shackles before use

Before any piece of equipment is first put into use it should be examined for signs of damage.

If it is known, or suspected, that the equipment has been subjected to an excess load or it shows any sign of cracking, splitting or deformation it must be destroyed.

It is required that the equipment is regularly inspected and that the inspection should take place in accordance with the safety standards given in the country of use. This is required because the products in use may be affected by wear, misuse, overloading etc. with a consequence of deformation and alteration of the material structure.

Inspection should take place at least every 6 months and even more frequently when the equipment is used in severe operating conditions.

Temperature Tolerances

Stainless steel shackles can be used across a broad temperature range, although this will effect the safe working load of you shackle.

Please consult the table below for temperature tolerances or call us for advice.

New working Load
0 - 200° c 100% of original working load
200 - 300° c 90% of original working load
300 - 400° c 75% of original working load
Over 400° c Not allowed

Super Duplex Stainless Steel

In instances where superior corrosion resistance is required shackles can be manufactured to order in super duplex stainless steel.

Safety critical applications such as the offshore industries may require marine fittings and shackles in super duplex stainless steel.

Please contact us with any enquiries for super duplex products.

Other Lifting Products

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Tested Lifting Turnbuckles - Manufactured in the UK from stainless steel EN10088 1.4404 (Marine Grade 316L). Each turnbuckle is tested and certified, engineered for lifting applications.

Lifting Blocks

High quality general purpose Lifting Blocks. All lifting blocks are proof tested and supplied with test batch ID and full certification.

Safety Shackles

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