Cable Display & Wire Hanging Systems

Wire hanging display fittings can be used for shop fitting, visual merchandising, shelving and art galleries

Cable Display Systems

Wire cable display, sign and picture display systems. Innovative and fully expandable suspended displays offering incredible flexibility, so you can change shelving or layout configuration with ease.

Cable display systems are ideal for the home, museums, art galleries, public buildings, corporate identity, or wherever visual communication is important.

All display systems offer full range of mounting combinations: Floor to Ceiling, Floor to Wall, Ceiling to Wall, Wall to Wall and Ceiling Mount for Hanging Displays.

Our display systems are suited to current trends in interior design, offering elegance and transparency for cable suspension systems in the home or workplace.

Cable display supports and clamp accessories are designed to hold glass, acrylic and wooden shelving and display panels securely in place.

Stainless steel construction, perfectly suited to interior applications.

All our cable display systems can be used in conjunction with 7x7 or even 7x19 construction stainless steel wire rope.

Wire Display System
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Gallery Picture Rails

Gallery picture rails provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for displaying artwork while minimising damage to the walls

The most versatile and flexible option for those who appreciate the ability to change their wall displays, creating a new space, a new look every time!

Easy to use track suspension system with full range of hangers and hooks, suitable for commercial, home, exhibitions.

Gallery Picture Rail
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Gripple Suspension

Gripple Suspension

Gripple suspension systems for quick and easy installation.

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Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

High quality stainless steel wire rope for cable displays.

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Wire Rope Cutters

Wire Rope Cutters

Fantastic range of hand held cutters for stainless steel wire rope.

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Wire Rope Assemblies

Wire Rope Assemblies

Extension collection of stainless steel rigging assemblies.

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