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Glass Clamps, Posts, Handrails and Fittings for Glass Balustrade Systems

Glass Balustrade System

Glass Balustrade System Components and Fittings

Our glass balustrade system features a huge range of glass clamps, baluster posts and fittings in different styles.

Glass and stainless steel work together beautifully. Here you will find a wide range of glass balustrade fittings for your installation.

Stainless Steel Glass Clamps And Fittings

All our products are manufactured with a full understanding of the stringent safety requirements and legislation in this field.

Our glass clamps are simple to install using M8 X 20 stainless steel Hex Head Cap Screw for either 42.4mm or 48.3mm tubular or flat profiles.

Our components are ideal for glass balustrade installations such as staircases, partitions, balconies and so much more - just let your creativity run wild.

If you need us to provide you with a quote for a particular balustrade design or layout please download our easy to use sketch sheet.

Simply draw your balustrade layout and fax or email it back to us for a no obligation quote.


Downloadable balustrade layout sheet

Glass Clamp Styles

With a wide range of high quality glass clamps for indoor and outdoor applications, and a choice of sizes and mounting profiles - we have put together a range to suit your every need.

D Shaped Glass Clamps

D Shaped Clamps available for tube and flat mount, with a distinctive smooth design to complement any glass balustrade project.

Square Shaped Glass Clamps

For a modern style Square Shaped Glass Clamps designed with clean lines, available for flat and tubular mounting.

Circular Glass Clamps

Circular Glass Clamps, perfect for connecting two pieces of glass in a long flowing glass balustrade system securely.

How to install a glass clamp video:

S3i Video

Video: Glass Clamp Installation for Stainless Steel Balustrade - S3i Group

Glass clamp installation within a stainless steel balustrade. An easy to understand guide to fitting a glass and stainless steel balustrade with a glass clamping system.

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