Glass Sneeze Guard System

Glass Sneeze & Cough Guard System. Mobile Countertop Hygiene Screen.

Glass Sneeze Guard with Stainless Steel Posts

Sneeze & cough protection system. These are fittings for a mobile, countertop hygiene screen with stainless steel posts.

Posts manufactured from stainless steel (grade 304) with a hard-wearing finish.

Designed to support 6.4mm laminated glass for a scratch resistant, clear view.

The posts have rubber feet and are not fixed to the counter which means the screen can be placed or moved quickly.

The glass can be positioned to allow a pass through area should this be required.

The glass screen helps to protect your employees from sneezes and coughs and also makes customers feel safer.


Please Note:

Glass is NOT included.

Main Benefits:

  • An optimal hygiene solution for your staff and customers
  • Suitable for leisure, retail and public institutions
  • For indoor and outdoor use (stainless steel)
  • Rubber feet to protect your surfaces
  • Easy and quick mounting
  • Easily adjustable and expandable
  • Other dimensions are available, please call us

Glass Sneeze Guard with Stainless Steel Posts

Glass Sneeze Guard Systems

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