Fork - Fork Wire Rope Assembly - Stainless Steel

Made to Measure Fork to Fork Wire Rope Assembly - 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Wire rope rigging assembly with fixed fork end fittings, in a choice of 7x7 and 1x19 strand wire rope, each cable is made to measure with all components produced from marine grade stainless steel.

Fork and Fork Wire Rope Assembly

Options Wire
Pin Diameter
Jaw Width
Code Price (inc VAT) (length in metres: 1 metre, 1x19)
3mm Fork Assembly 3 6 6.3 WR-FF-03 £22.15
4mm Fork Assembly 4 8 8 WR-FF-04 £29.56
5mm Fork Assembly 5 9.5 10 WR-FF-05 £40.70
6mm Fork Assembly 6 11 11 WR-FF-06 £56.40
8mm DS Fork Assembly 8 12 12.7 WR-FF-08-DS £80.40
8mm Fork Assembly 8 14.3 14 WR-FF-08 £94.57
10mm Fork Assembly 10 16 16 WR-FF-10 £126.29
12mm Fork Assembly 12 19 19 WR-FF-12 £204.06

NB: Price displayed in the table includes 1 metre of wire. Please use the calculator (above right) to work out the cost to your specific dimensions.

Product Details: For full product dimensions and information please view this page on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Each wire rope assembly is made to your dimensions and consists of:

  • One length of stainless steel rope - please specify
  • One stainless steel swage fork with clevis pin at each end

Please choose either 7x7 Strand wire rope or 1x19 Strand wire rope

  • 7x7 = more flexible, less strength
  • 1x19 = less flexible, more strength
Fixed Fork Wire Rope Assembly - Stainless Steel

Handmade To Order

Please allow 3 to 5 working days from order for manufacture and delivery.

Made In Britain

Made In Britain

This high quality stainless steel fixed fork wire rope assembly is engineered and manufactured here in the UK.


How to measure your wire rope assembly:

Fork and Fork System Wire Rope Assembly Measurements

Please provide us with the PIN CENTRE to PIN CENTRE cable assembly measurements.


Fork Dimensions

Dimensions of the forks for each end of the wire rope assembly. You may need these dimensions to aid in specifying the type of eye or lug attachment.

Manufactured from A4 316 (Marine) Grade stainless steel.

Swage Fork Dimensions
Wire C P T OD
3mm 13 6 6.3 14.3
4mm 16 8 8 18
5mm 19 9.5 10 22.2
6mm 22 11 11 25.4
8mm DS 25 12 12 28.6
8mm 28 14 14 34.9
10mm 32 16 16 38.1

Safe Working Loads for Wire Rope Assemblies

All wire rope assemblies are manufactured to achieve the safe working load of the wire type and diameter specified.

Please refer to the wire rope safe working loads as follows:

7x7 Strand Wire Rope

1x19 Strand Wire Rope

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