Abergavenny Balustrade

Stainless Steel Garden Balustrade

A great garden balustrade project at a private residence in Abergavenny.

S3i Balustrade Installation

A domestic exterior Stainless Steel Balustrade with a hardwood handrail. Manufactured and installed by the S3i installation team.

Balustrade Wire Infill

Our client favoured the s3i Tensioned Balustrade Wire as an infill, because it would provide additional safety while at the same time protect the view.

Exterior Grade Stainless Steel

Manufactured from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel this balustrade system is perfect for exterior applications.

Running Balustrade Wire Through Mid Posts

Note how the wire has been passed through the baluster mid posts. This proves to be very economical, reducing the number of cables and hubs required.

Balustrade Stair Detail

Details include the stair return (above) where stainless steel bar was used as the infill due to the narrow width - too narrow for tensioned cable railing here.

Hard Wood Balustrade Handrail

The Hard Wood Balustrade Handrail will need treatment over the years - however the stainless steel posts and cables will remain in good condition for years and years.

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