Bar Railing System - 10mm Mini Rail Fittings and Components

10mm Bar Rail System

10mm Bar Railing System

10mm Bar Railing System

Beautifully crafted and versatile 10mm bar railing system available in single bar and double bar height. Galley rail is commonly attached to the tops of cabinets and furniture to increase the usefulness of this typically unused space. Also known as a fiddle rail.

10mm Bar Railing System

Ideal for use on boats, caravans and motorhomes where there is constant movement. To provide a protective rail, helping to prevent objects from falling.

Excellent for use in commercial shop fitting, as this stylish post system will provide the perfect finish to all types of display shelving.

Bar Railing For Boats, Motorhomes, Public Houses and Restaurants

These bar railing posts are designed to accept 10mm diameter stainless steel rod and bar to provide a strong infill.

Posts and adapters are manufactured from Zintec with a stainless steel effect finish.

Designed for a quick and simple installation. For complex bar railing layouts you can use the adapter sleeves for corners and angles.

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