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Innovative, strong and cost effective wire trellis for quick and easy trellising of climbing plants, fruit and vines.

The Gripple trellis plant support system can be mounted on posts, walls and fences.

The tensioner push-fit grip mechanism allows you to join and tension in one, allowing for multiple lines to be installed in minutes and easily tensioned by hand.

Vine eyes can be directly screwed into wood and timber posts, on brickwork and rendered walls you will need to drill and plug your fixing hole first.

Components are engineered from non-rusting materials for optimum corrosion resistance; so can be used for outdoor, indoor and greenhouse use with minimum annual maintenance.

The 2.5 diameter nylon trellis wire is UV stabilised so it won't deteriorate in sunlight and should last for approximately 15 years.

The tensioner is manufactured from nylon, which is reinforced with glass-fibre with a ceramic grip mechanism and stainless steel springs.

Gripple Trellis Kits consists of: 30 metres (100 feet) of tough nylon 'wire', 4 reinforced Gripple tensioners and 4 vine eyes.

Full range of additional Trellis Wire, Tensioners, Vine Eyes and Masonry Fixings available.

Gripple Garden Trellis Products
Gripple Garden Trellis

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