Examples of Wire Trellis and Green Walls in place

Wire Trellis Systems Gallery

Our 'Green Wall' wire trellis systems and kits have been used over a wide range of projects and environments. This ingenious system is suitable for use by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Please take a look at some of the DIY, commercial and professional landscape design projects below, that have all benefited from Green Wall Wire Trellis.

Private Property - Nottinghamshire

DIY Green Wall Trellis Installation
DIY Green Wall Installation Overview

Perfect example of a DIY installation using our green wall wire trellis kits, allowing plants to grow and flourish up the front facade of this property.

M&G Garden by Bunny Guinness

Green Wall Wire Trellis for the M&G Garden

The Green Wall Trellis system in place in a RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden 2011. The wire trellis is supporting espalier trees.

Hampstead Green Wall

Large Green Wall Installation
Green Wall Trellis Detail

The Green Wall Trellis system in place on a period property in Hampstead. The wire trellis is supporting a mature wisteria.

Centrepoint Garden

Centrepoint Garden Green Wall Wire Trellis
Centrepoint Garden Wire Trellis Detail

The Green Wall system was successfully displayed within a show garden at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2007, "Centrepoint Garden".

Heathrow Airport - Wire Facade

Vertical Green Wall Wire Trellis

The tensioned wire facade system successfully shrouding a concrete car park at Heathrow Airport.

Green Wall Installation

Beautifully Designed Garden with Green Wall Trellis

This Green Wall system was successfully displayed within a beautiful show garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2008 by Adam Frost.

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