Turnbuckles - Stainless steel rigging screws and tensioners

Sta-Lok Stainless Steel Turnbuckles

Beautifully crafted standard closed body stainless steel turnbuckles by Sta-lok are manufactured from 316 stainless steel tube. Perfect for architectural and marine applications.

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Closed Body Turnbuckles

Closed body turnbuckles are a traditional style rigging screw body. Manufactured from high quality 316 grade solid stainless steel. Perfect for architectural and marine applications.

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Open Body Turnbuckles

An affordable and easy to use range of 316 grade stainless steel turnbuckles, in a range of hook and eye variants. Ideal for landscape, general rigging and horticultural use.

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Sta-Lok Marine Turnbuckles

Stalok marine turnbuckles are expertly manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK, with a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality, reliability and value.

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Lifting Turnbuckles

Specifically manufactured in the UK from stainless steel EN10088 1.4404 (Marine Grade 316L). Designed and engineered to perform to the highest of levels.

Each stainless steel lifting turnbuckle is proof load tested to 2 x WLL and certified at our UK manufacturing facility.

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Turnbuckles for lifting, holding and tensioning

Turnbuckles are often required for applications which require tension; this could be a simple DIY project, sail rigging or huge architectural structures such as bridges.

Stainless Steel Turnbuckle

We offer a range of styles and sizes from high quality lifting turnbuckles with proof load testing to open body turnbuckles that are ideal for landscape and horticultural use.

For further information about our turnbuckles please call us on 01302 752 504 or email us.

Turnbuckles End Fittings

Rigging screws can be supplied in a variety of combinations, including: Eye, Swageless, Toggle, Fork and Swaged.

Turnbuckle End Fittings

For further information about bespoke turnbuckles please contact our technical team on 01302 752 504.

S3i Video

Video: How do I use a turnbuckle?

S3i Knowledge

Turnbuckles are designed to make adding or releasing tension to a rigging assembly an easy process, without adding undue stress.

Twisting the barrel in one direction expands the fitting, twisting in the other direction contracts the fitting - to provide the required tension.

Remember: It is important to note that the working load limit should always be taken into consideration when sizing and matching turnbuckles to other rigging components.

Turnbuckle Instructions

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