Decking Rope End Fittings and Barrier Rope

Brass and Chrome End Fittings and Rope for Decking Ropes and Rope Barriers

Barrier Rope and Rope End Fittings

Decking ropes and barrier ropes can be connected to an upright post or any solid surface.

Decking Ropes are ideal for:

  • Patio and decking areas
  • Stairways
  • Pathways

Rope Barriers can be used for:

  • Crowd Control
  • VIP Barriers
  • Queuing Systems
  • Preventing Unauthorised Access
  • Protecting Displays

Decking Ropes

For garden decking rope projects we would recommend using 24mm 3 Strand Hempex Rope with a high quality synthetic hemp construction.

Hempex Decking Rope with End Hook
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