Loctite Lock N Seal Threadlocking Fluid

Loctite Lock N Seal

Loctite Threadlock

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Loctite 2400 - 5ml 5 Medium Bottle LT2400-05 £8.24
3-5 days
Loctite 2400 - 50ml 50 Medium Bottle LT2400-50 £69.17
3-5 days
loctitel 2700 - 5ml 5 High Bottle LT2700-05 £8.24
3-5 days

Loctite Threadlock Fluid.

Loctite 2400 = Medium Strength, Semi-permanent. For thread sizes up to M36.

Loctite 2700 = High Strength, Permanent. For thread sizes up to M20.

Loctite thread lock simultaneously locks and seals bolts, buts and studs to prevent loosening from vibration.

Lock n seal is effective on all types of metal threaded fasteners such as marine and architectural rigging fittings.

Loctite 2400 allows disassembly with normal tools, whilst Loctite 2700 is higher strength for permanently locking assemblies which must not come loose - although you can disassemble by heating to 300 degrees Celsius.

Loctite Threadlock Safety Data Information:

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PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Loctite 2400 Safety Data download here

PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Loctite 2700 Safety Data download here

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