Gripple Standard Suspension Kits

Standard Wire Suspension Kits with Pre-crimped End Fixing

Supplied in ready-to-use packs of 10, simply choose your end fixing, size and wire length.

Gripple Standard Hanger Range

Gripple standard wire suspension kits are designed for fast suspension of a variety of mechanical, electrical, HVAC and lighting suspension from a variety of substrates.

Standard hangers can be installed up to 6 times faster than traditional hanging systems, such as threaded rod or chain.

Versatile and simple to use, you can adjust position quickly and easily using the setting key provided.

Strong, safe and industry approved. Load ratings up to 325kg SWL with a 5:1 safety factor.

Aesthetically discreet and lightweight and perfect for use in industrial or architectural installations.

Standard Hanger Kits contain:

  • 10 x Gripple fasteners
  • 10 x Galvanised wire rope to your chosen length
  • 10 x Pre-crimped end fixings
  • Setting key
Gripple Size Wire Ų Safe Working Load
No.1 1.5 mm 0 - 10kg
No.2 2 mm 10kg - 45kg
No.3 3 mm 45kg - 90kg
No.4 4.75 mm 90kg - 225kg
No.5 6 mm 225kg - 325kg

Choosing The Right Gripple

Use the simple formula below to determine the Gripple size required.

“Weight per metre x distance between hangers“


20kg load per metre x 2m between hangers = 40kg

Minimum standard hanger size required would be No.2 Gripple

Installation and Adjustment of Suspension Kit

Gripple Standard Wire Suspension Kit Installation
Gripple Standard Hanger Adjust and Release

1. Simply pass the end of your wire rope through the gripple.

2. Loop wire rope back on itself and pass back through the hanger fitting.

3. Simply pull on the wire rope end to tighten, ensure a minimum of 75mm of tail wire exits the hanger.

4. To adjust or remove your gripple fitting simply insert the setting key to release the wire rope locking wedge.

End Fixings for Standard Hangers

Gripple offer a wide range of pre-crimped end fixings, from loops, threaded studs, hooks and many more, providing a solution whatever the application.

Gripple Wire Suspension Systems
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