Gripple Catenary Wire Rope Kits

Light Duty and Heavy Duty Wire Rope Catenary Kits with the Gripple Lockable Plus

Create secure, overhead spans by running high strength wire between two fixing points.

Gripple Catenary Wire Rope Kits

Designed for installations where no direct vertical anchor point is available, Catenary Kits allow lightweight spans to be created exactly where required for the installation.

Utilising the Gripple Lockable Plus: D3 and D6 to allow for quick and easy installation, reducing the time spent working at height.

Overhead spans are designed to be discreet and can be created retrospectively without the need for specialist tools.

Supplied as complete, ready-to-use kits, including galvanised wire rope cut to bespoke lengths, a hex locking key and release key.

Gripple Catenary Wire Rope Suspension

3mm Catenary

Light duty solution ideal for suspension of lightweight electrical services, duct work and signage.

Up to 30 kg per span.

Gripple D3 - 3mm Catenary

6mm Catenary

Heavy duty solution perfect for the suspension of M&E or HVAC services, or where a long catenary is required.

up to 100 kg per span.

Gripple D6 - 6mm Catenary

Catenary wire rope systems also provide strong and secure cable suspension for festive lighting and seasonal displays.

Gripple Catenary Specification

Installation Advice

Gripple Catenary Install
Gripple Catenary Install

1. Pass the end of your wire rope through the Lockable Plus fastener.

2. Simply loop around or through your fixing point.

3. Pass back through Lockable Plus fastener and pull on the wire rope end to tighten, ensure a minimum of 100mm of tail wire exits the hanger.

4. Use the Hex key provided to lock the wire rope firmly into position.

5. Adjustment can be made by inserting the setting key to release the wire rope locking wedge.

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