Wall Bracket - Gripple Catenary Wire Rope Suspension

Gripple Catenary Wall Bracket - Strong Anchor Point Fitting

Wall bracket for attaching 6mm or 3mm catenary to concrete walls and wooden beams

Gripple Wire Suspension Systems

Gripple Catenary Wall Bracket

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Wall Bracket 1 100 x 100 11 CAT-BRACKET-100MM £46.51
3-5 days

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Wall bracket with large ring for easy wire rope attachment.

100mm x 100mm base plate.

11mm diameter holes.

65mm hole spacing.

Sold individually.

Zinc plated finish (minimum 5 μ).

Load rating of 340 kg @ 3:1 safety factor (load rating depends on base material and fixings).

Please Note.

Bolts or screws are not supplied due to different applications requiring different lengths.

When sourcing anchor fittings always be sure to follow the manufacturer's installation recommendations.

Get It Right!

The minimum distance A and B from the edge of the mounting surface has to be in accordance with the anchor bolt/screw manufacturer guidelines.

Wall Bracket Mounting

Installation Example

Wall Bracket Installation onto Concrete.

Wall Bracket Installation onto Concrete

1. Mark the position of the wall bracket against the wall and drill 4 holes at 10 mm diameter.

2. Insert M10 anchor bolts into the concrete wall (You may wish to use chemical anchor resin to ensure a solid fixing).

3. Position the Wall bracket onto the anchor bolts.

4. Place washers on first and then screw locking nuts in place until your bracket is secure (always check your fixing before adding any loads).

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