Plastic Wire Caps - To Shroud Trellis Wire Rope Ends

Plastic End Caps to fit 3mm Wire Rope for a Neat and Tidy Finish

Plastic Wire Cap

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Black plastic caps to shroud the bare ends of wire within the 'Green Wall' trellis system.

Designed to fit 3mm diameter wire rope.

Simply attach the plastic caps to the bare cable ends on the outside edges to provide a neat and safe finish to your trellis.

Attaching the plastic wire cap

The caps are tight fitting to enable a good grip onto the cable and therefore will require a degree of patience. One tip is to widen the opening of the plastic cap by inserting the tip of a biro to open the gap slightly just prior to placement.

Dimension Information:

  • Wire Size: 3mm
  • Length (b): 10mm
  • Diameter (Ød): 5mm

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