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Stainless Steel Catenary Wire Kits

4mm Stainless Steel Wire

Catenary Wire Kit - Standard DIY System

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Wire Rope Grips Eye Bolts Hook/Eye Turnbuckle Resin Capsule Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
15m Catenary Kit (4mm) 4 6 2 1 2 CWS-4150-S £31.15
In stock
25m Catenary Kit (4mm) 4 6 2 1 2 CWS-4250-S £38.96
In stock
50m Catenary Kit (4mm) 4 6 2 1 2 CWS-4500-S £58.50
In stock

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6mm Stainless Steel Wire

Catenary Wire Kit - Standard DIY System

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Wire Rope Grips Eye Bolts Hook/Eye Turnbuckle Resin Capsule Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
15m Catenary Kit (6mm) 6 6 2 1 2 CWS-6150-S £58.80
In stock
25m Catenary Kit (6mm) 6 6 2 1 2 CWS-6250-S £80.74
In stock
50m Catenary Kit (6mm) 6 6 2 1 2 CWS-6500-S £135.54
In stock

This standard catenary wire system is an ideal DIY kit with all the components and fixings required to install a hard-wearing overhead catenary into masonry and concrete that is built to last.

Please Note: This catenary kit is not load rated and is designed for light use within home/garden environments - not for use where safety/critical load bearing is required.

All components are manufactured from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel, making this kit ideal for harsh outdoor conditions.

Designed for overhead support, these light use kits are suitable for a wide range of projects. Get creative - the choice is yours...

Perfect For:

  • Power cables to sheds and outside buildings.
  • Garden lights.

Not Suitable For:

  • Safety/critical load bearing.
  • Public Places

Each Kit Includes :

Standard Catenary Wire Kit Components

High quality stainless steel components, designed to work together:

Components Quantity 4mm Kit 6mm Kit
7x19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope 1 4mm Diameter 6mm Diameter
Wire Rope Grips 6 4mm Grips 6mm Grips
Commercial Eye Bolts 2 M8 x 80 M10 x 100
Hook/Eye Open Body Turnbuckle 1 6mm Turnbuckle 8mm Turnbuckle
Chemical Anchor Resin Capsules 2 M8 x 80 M10 x 90

Catenary Wire Kit Installation

Need some help?

Download and print our installation advice sheet for the DIY Catenary Wire Kit.

Download Standard Catenary Kit Installation Advice
Download Standard Catenary Kit Installation Advice

Installation is straight forward with the use of a few household tools. You will need a drill, spanner, wire cutters and some chalk.

1. Before starting you should mark your fixing points using chalk, checking that your path between these points is free from obstructions such as overhanging branches etc...

Drill And Clean Fixing Hole

2. Drill your fixing holes and ensure that the holes are free from dust and debris. We recommend using a small brush and/or an air pump to perform this action.

Using Chemical Anchor Capsule

3. Once you have done this simply insert one chemical anchor resin capsule into each hole.

Insert your eye bolt, breaking the seal of the foil capsule to release the anchor resin.
Remember to twist the eye bolt into place to ensure total coverage to provide a good solid fixing.

Allow Chemical Anchor To Set

4. Leave the resin to set solid, making sure the eye bolt is flush to the wall surface.

Thread Wire Through Eye Bolt

5. We do not recommend cutting your wire cable to length at this point, as it can be trimmed to the correct length later on - Simply thread one end of the cable through the eye of your first eye bolt bringing it back on itself.

Wire Rope Grip Installation

6. Using 3 wire rope grips - secure the wire cable to create a fixed loop.

Starting approximately one grip base width in from the dead end of your rope place the U-bolt over the dead end and attach the grip base. Apply the fixing nuts - taking time to alternate between the two nuts as you tighten to ensure an even fixing.

Ensure you have spaced the grips evenly, making sure you have taken up any slack in the rope between the two end grips before tightening your additional rope grip. If you require further information about wire rope grips please click here...

Thread Wire Through Eye Of Turnbuckle

7. Lead the loose end of wire over to the opposite fixing point. Attach the turnbuckle to the eye bolt (remembering to open the turnbuckle halfway - so that you can fully tension the wire by tightening the turnbuckle). Thread the dead end of the wire through the eye of the turnbuckle and tension as much as possible by hand.

Wire Rope Grip Installation

8. Using 3 wire rope grips secure the wire rope in the same manner as step 6.

Tension The Wire Using The Turnbuckle

9. Simply tighten the turnbuckle to achieve the desired wire tension.

Standard Catenary Wire Kit Installed

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